Grow and Go Deluxe Trike
03.04.2017 16:36

The Grow and Go Trike is a 3 in 1 trike that adjusts as your son or daughter grows
Stage 1 (10-18 a few months) Includes footrest, steering cope with and pedal lock for parental control, adjustable sun shade, surround pubs and seat belt to hold little ones safe.
Stage 2 (1 . 5 years – 3 yrs) Retractable footrest as little feet begin to attain pedals, option of removing surround pubs, steering cope with pedal lock and sunshade as child grows.
Stage 3 (3+ years) Parent handle could be removed as kid becomes independent.
Quick facts:
•3 found in 1 trike that adjusts as child grows
•Includes seat belt, surround bars and footrest for younger child
•Removable steering handle, pedal lock and sun shade for parental control
•Rear storage bucket for playthings or essentials
Great for your child’s development:
Surround bars to keep little ones safe, high rear seat for extra convenience, seat belt for safety, storage bucket for toys & essentials, multi-posture seat, retractable footrest which can be stowed when child’s feet may reach pedals, adjustable sun color to maintain sun off sensitive skins, steering take care of and pedal lock for push along mode for when father and mother ought to be in control.
What you need to know:
When surround bars are in use (stage 1 10-18 months) the seat should be in the trunk position. For stage 2 (18 a few months-3yers) and stage 3 (3+yers) the seat can be set to either posture.
When the parent cope with is not used the pedal lock should be pushed in in order that the pedals can be used to move the trike and to give up it by acting mainly because a brake on the front wheel.


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